Women & Girls' Health Plan

Women &  Girls' Health Plan  Main Image

The Miles Government is listening to Queensland Women and Girls and their voices are at the heart of
our Women and Girls’ Health Plan.

All Queenslanders deserve the best healthcare so they can lead active, healthy lives.
But many women and girls don’t feel heard in healthcare settings and too often they aren’t provided
with the treatment they need.

Women and girls make up more than half of all Queenslanders – and yet their health concerns are
routinely dismissed and brushed aside.

This must change. So our Miles Government is taking real action.

Healthcare is a right that all Queensland women and girls are entitled to.

That’s why we’re delivering the Queensland Women and Girls’ Health Plan – a package that will
provide meaningful support to women and girls, including:

• More free, women-focused care, including free, nurse-led walk in clinics across the state
• Better care for conditions like endometriosis
• Expanded access to reproductive care like IVF
• Easier access to mental health services
• Improved Maternal healthcare

We’re ensuring that all Queensland women and girls have access to the best healthcare, underpinned
by world class medical research, no matter where they live.

To learn more about our Women and Girls’ Health plan, as well as what other health services our Miles
Government is delivering, sign up for updates via the form on this page.